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People with autism can be taught effective communication skills and social skills to assist them with their daily lives and improve their relationships and interaction with others.

Specialized educational programs need to be implemented and are continually being developed and improved worldwide.

Therapeutic techniques are valuable in assisting people with autism. Although, these can be expensive.

It is vital that ongoing skills training and re-enforcement programs are continued and appropriately adapted in their adult years.

People with autism will not develop if they are isolated and marginalized within society.  Institutionalization is not the ideal answer to helping those with autism.

However, a safe and therapeutic environment where routines and specialized programs involving skills acquisition are implemented, would be beneficial to the quality of life of the person with autism and special needs.

A place that could also offer respite and/or residential care, would relieve families of the constant supervision and consistent re-enforcement of skills which these people require.

Low functioning adults with autism and special needs require specialized care for their entire life.  It is extremely difficult for a family or guardian to cope with this burden alone or within the home and it is frustrating for the individual with autism, also. Therefore The Academy for Adults with Autism aims to establish a suitable centre to assist with this problem.

It is important to note that people with autism may have other disabilities or conditions, eg  Epilepsy, Bi-Polar Mood Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, Sight Disorders, Difficulties with Sensory Integration, Hearing Impairment and that these need to be addressed also.

Although savants do occur within the autism spectrum, all people living with autism present complex and varied mental conditions and impairments and although those within the spectrum of autism display a myriad of similar behavioural characteristics, no two people with autism have the same abilities or disabilities. for example, some have the amazing ability to draw in the most detailed three dimensional way, whilst others have extremely poor grip and cannot even draw or write in the most basic way.  Some are adept in an "academic" area but lack the most basic relationship, social and communication skills.  This is extremely detrimental to their quality of life and hampers attempts at employment. They, too, require a safe and understanding environment in which to develop to their full potential and to work.

These difficulties can often lead to frustration, irritation and tension.

Staff at all levels, need to receive specific training for working with people with autism. The Academy for Adults with Autism will provide this service and will also set up workshops to implement the TEACCH method for assisting those with autism with learning and improving useful and practical skills necessary for occupation and self-care.

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