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The Academy for Adults with Autism is a registered non-profit organisation NPO 054-368 that aims to develop long term self sustainable adult services for people living with autism and special needs.

This project was developed to:

  • Enhance the quality of life for adults affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Through basic human rights, continued education and stimulation, protect the long term future of these adults
  • Enhance the dignity and respect which they deserve, within the community and society in which they reside
  • Create public awareness of the specific needs of this particular disability

The Academy for Adults with Autism is also a registered Public Benefit Organisation (Nr. 930025332) which means that we issue our donors and benefactors with certificates in accordance with Section 18a of the Income Tax Act.


Young children, after being diagnosed as being on the Autistic Spectrum Disorder, attend schools for Specialised Education in the Western Cape. They follow various individualised educational programs based on a thorough assessment of their educational needs and abilities. No two children with this disability display exactly the same needs.

When the person with autism reaches the age of 18 years, the schools no longer cater for them and the continuation of self-help, occupational and social skills training, as well as care and mental stimulation, becomes the sole responsibility of the parents. This places an enormous burden upon their parents, family and possibly siblings too. Many of these young adults require constant supervision, ongoing training and re-enforcement of various skills. The school leaver and young adult with autism, is often not accepted into existing protective workshops and residential care facilities, due to the specific needs related directly to this disorder.

This community based project will involve local infrastructure and resources and form partnerships within the community, including Corporate Business, Government and the relevant Authorities.


Funds raised initially will go towards the establishment of a Work Centre to cater for the immediate and urgent needs of adults with autism.


The Academy for Adults with Autism will ultimately provide Residential Care where trained and experienced supervisors/carers and professionals will be employed or volunteer their services, within a place of safety specifically for adults on the Autism Spectrum requiring this type of facility and thus providing their families with the respite they require.

This Centre will be a place where the adult with Autism will have the opportunity for personal growth and training in skills of a variety of spheres of their lives in order to improve their quality of life in the long term.

It needs to have a therapeutic atmosphere, tailor-made to the particular requirements for the person with Autism Disorder and be a place of safety within a homely, relaxed and comfortable, caring environment.

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