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Where in addition to the autism, there is also...
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People affected by this type of Autism...
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3.6% of the total population affected...

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Deborah Stodel

BSc Log (UCT), MS (Columbia University)
Speech Therapist & Audiologist


Welcome to Adults with Autism

The Academy for Adults with Autism is a registered non profit and public benefit organisation focusing on the upliftment of young adults living with autism from the age of 18 years.

Our Vision - "a better life for young adults with autism"

We aim to assist the individual with autism to further develop his/her potential through individualised training programs enhancing life, occupational and social skills. Residential Care for young adults with autism  is high on our agenda.

1.We would like to know how many adults in South Africa are affected with Autism from the ages 16 years and above?
2. How many of theses adults live at home under parent care?
3. Is there a service needed. If so, what type; Day Centre, Residential/Respite Care or Support Group?


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Confessions of a Shopaholic
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